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01 Nov Delphi, Writing Numbers with Comma
Safirmedya 1 9297
Delphi is very useful and fast in developing desktop applications. You will find that you can develop desktop applications very quickly after your Del..
04 Jul Working with Forms and Forms in Delphi
Safirmedya 0 4441
The basic control element of Delphi is forms. Each form can work on its own and is saved as a unit. Any object does not work alone, it must be connect..
20 Feb Asp Variables
Safirmedya 0 3290
As with every programming language, we work with variables in ASP. These variables can be alphanumeric (sentences, words, letters and numbers) or nume..
20 Feb ASP History Functions
Safirmedya 0 3155
Now ()Returns the current system date and time of the server.Sample:Code: Screen Output: 02.11.2003: 22:59:20 Date ()Returns the current system date o..
24 Jan Delphi's Code Structure
Safirmedya 0 5122
For people who are new to Delphi, I would like to:The Delphi programming language is Pascal based. Therefore, spelling rules, block control statements..
24 Jan Delphi Objects
Safirmedya 0 6863
Object-oriented programming means working with objects. Each visual element in a windows program is an object. In the beginning, windows windows (delp..
20 Jan Prevent Programming Errors in Your ASP Codes
Safirmedya 0 3103
ASP, we may encounter some errors in programming, we have explained the ways to fix some errors in your ASP Code Prevent Programming Errors. ASP opens..
20 Jan Using Background with CSS
Safirmedya 0 3852
CSS is a style commands technology called Cascading Stylesheet or Layered Page Styles that support HTML. It allows you to format properties by adding ..
03 Jan Samsung Galaxy Gear Review
Safirmedya 0 4181
We are going through a period of increasing wearable technologies. Many brands are launching smart watch products. Some of them can communicate with c..
21 Dec Create a Dynamic Html Combobox with ASP
Safirmedya 0 3095
Examples of creating dynamic html combobox with Asp .de For loop. You can use the following examples to create html combobox dynamically with Asp. Wit..
21 Dec Ways of Detailed Visual Search
Safirmedya 0 5196
As a Webmaster you deal with a variety of tasks, no matter what project you are doing, you need visuals, and in time, you realize that all the images ..
01 Dec Google Glass Accessories
Safirmedya 0 856
Promising to have fun and share with wearable technology, Google Glass stands out with its interesting accessories.Google opened its virtual store sel..
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