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13 Mar Setting up a Paradox Connection with Delphi
Safirmedya 0 7755
In this topic we will talk about Delphi Paradox Connection. One of the reasons why Delphi is preferred is that it has good database support and makes ..
07 Mar Free Blogger Theme
Safirmedya 2 5036
Blogger is a free blog service, where you can find a Blogger theme and create your blog site by signing up for Blogger with your Gmail account. Blogge..
30 Jan 2018-2019 Year of the Year Opencart Themes
Safirmedya 5 3385
You are thinking of setting up an e-commerce site, but do you think you would like to sell it on a professional e-commerce site? In this article, we w..
10 Dec Delphi Coding - Filling the Form on the Website
Safirmedya 0 3750
TWebBrowser with Delphi programming, create a customized web browsing internet explorer for your applications, file and network scanning, document vie..
21 Nov Delphi Coding - Delphide Webbrowser Usage
Safirmedya 3 5327
Nowadays, many processes are performed on web pages and you can check web pages with delphi coding. However, in cases such as assigning passwords to u..
21 Oct Delphi Cycle Usage - Delphi Programming
Safirmedya 0 4291
Delphi Programlama, The Until keyword ends a control loop that is always executed at least once, and which terminates when the Expression is satisfied..
03 Oct Delphi Learning - Short Codes and Some Tips
Safirmedya 0 4569
For those who want to do Delphi learning and coding, we've created a short but useful script, which can add more functionality to your applications wi..
14 Sep ASP JPEG Image Upload and Dimension
Safirmedya 0 3471
You need to have these components installed on your server to upload images and adjust the image size with the Asp Upload component and the Asp Jpeg c..
14 Sep Security and MD5 Encryption Method with Delphi
Safirmedya 2 5167
Hi, security, especially in the processing of personal data when writing programs is very important, in this regard with the Security and MD5 Encrypti..
11 Sep IIS Database Error
Safirmedya 0 5002
Yes, our current issue is the problems we have experienced on IIS Database Error and the solution to this. IIS Database Manager lets you easily manage..
09 Sep MailEnable with the problem when receiving Mail! Mail is not coming!
Safirmedya 0 4166
MailEnable e-mail with the problem when the problem is not coming? MailEnable is hosted by some of the world's largest hosting companies, and has been..
17 Aug Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Safirmedya 0 14618
Samsung launches its new smartphone Galaxy Note 5 at an event in New York City. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is no different from the previous leaks, so ..
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