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10 May Displaying Data from an EXCEL Table with ASP
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We'll describe how to display a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on a Web page. You will use ADO, but you will connect to an Excel spreadsheet instead of t..
06 Apr Google Bridge Improves Page Algorithm
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We began to hear the term SEO as the philosophy of marketing on the internet became widespread. I can say a collection of criteria that helps you stay..
14 Mar Delphi Debt - Credit - Balance Calculation
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There are many methods and features that you can use in Delphi with math functions for easy application development. Type conversion functions in Delp..
14 Mar Find the Number of Records in a Table
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Delphi is especially useful in developing data-based applications. You will find that you can develop desktop applications very quickly after your Del..
14 Mar Full HTML Lecture Notes
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HTML is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Hiper Metin Marking Language. It is a text-based language that can be recognized and interpre..
02 Mar Holographic Future with Microsoft HoloLens
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HoloLens has similar features to augmented reality products and will allow us to see the holograms around us thanks to its wearable screen.Microsoft, ..
02 Mar Convert Your Electrical Line to Internet
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TP-LINK has launched a new solution for powerline adapter users. The TL-WPA4220, which is sold individually, targets the powerline user of any brand t..
01 Nov Delphi, Writing Numbers with Comma
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Delphi is very useful and fast in developing desktop applications. You will find that you can develop desktop applications very quickly after your Del..
04 Jul Working with Forms and Forms in Delphi
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The basic control element of Delphi is forms. Each form can work on its own and is saved as a unit. Any object does not work alone, it must be connect..
20 Feb Asp Variables
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As with every programming language, we work with variables in ASP. These variables can be alphanumeric (sentences, words, letters and numbers) or nume..
20 Feb ASP History Functions
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Now ()Returns the current system date and time of the server.Sample:Code: Screen Output: 02.11.2003: 22:59:20 Date ()Returns the current system date o..
24 Jan Delphi's Code Structure
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For people who are new to Delphi, I would like to:The Delphi programming language is Pascal based. Therefore, spelling rules, block control statements..
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