Internet Banking Users Must Read!

Internet Banking Users Must Read!

The decision of the Supreme Court will be a precedent

Tuba Kaya from Izmir, a private bank account entered on the internet, claiming that 6 thousand 802 TL has been taken, against the bank opened to cover the damage, but lost the case of the Supreme Court overturned. The case will be seen again in the coming days.

Tuba Kaya, in a private bank account in 2006, without his knowledge of another 6 thousand 802 in the same bank, another account, the same bank was sent by transferring to the Internet. Tuba Kaya asking the bank to eliminate their losses, the bank did not approach this, his lawyer Özcan Türkoğlu, as well as the damage caused by the Izmir 5th Commercial Court, opened a lawsuit. Turkoglu, the bank failed to secure the account of the compensation requested to be sentenced to pay. The 5th Commercial Court of First Instance ruled that the plaintiff's perfection could not be mentioned because the personal information of the complainant Tuba Kaya was not taken from the computer of the plaintiff, because the plaintiff's negligence and defective behavior had been seized by the persons who carried out the transfer.

His lawyer Özcan Türkoğlu objected to the decision of the local court to refuse his request for compensation. The 11th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals examined the case file for the denial of Tuba Kaya's victim of internet banking and decided that the bank was in charge and that the complainant's claim for compensation should be accepted and the court's decision was overturned.

The Supreme Court, in his verdict, wrote in detail about the reasons, "The bank does not require the use of security instruments to secure its own customers and customers in the Internet banking, but the initiative puts the initiative to its customers is the main factor that causes the damage, and it is clear that the bank is responsible for this incident," he said.

Attorney Özcan Türkoğlu stated that the deterioration of the decision would be an exemplary decision among people who are such victims. Içinde Banks will be more careful after this decision. The victimization of my deputy is only resolved. The decision of the Supreme Court is extremely accurate, Y he said.