Google Glass Accessories

Google Glass Accessories

Promising to have fun and share with wearable technology, Google Glass stands out with its interesting accessories.

Google opened its virtual store selling accessories for Glass. Currently only accessible by Glass users

Google opened its virtual store selling accessories for Glass. The virtual store, which is accessible by Google Glass's 10,000 people (Glass Explorer), currently includes extra chargers for Glass, cases, protection glasses and mono headphones. This headset will be distributed to 10,000 Explorer with renewed glass. In the coming periods, more products will be added to the store.

You may be a fan of Google Glass, which is a much talked about technology in the world of technology, or you may think it is an unnecessary product. But the truth is; This new product of Google is more and more talked about itself.

It is now possible to use Google Glass with various accessories. These interesting Google Glass accessories give their owners the ability to reflect their personalities, as well as provide a humorous atmosphere to the product they use.

Here are some accessories that show Google Glass funny:

1. ist Deely Bopper 1. for those who want to reflect their personality

google glasses

2. Joke glasses for those who can't sleep

joke lenses

3. Colored coatings for those living the colors of life

leopard skin

4. Laser light for those in need of presentation

Google Glass Laser

5. Queen queen for those who want to be the queen of technology

google eyewear accessories

6. Eyeglass cleaning system for rainy weather

Google Glass new

7. Funny for those who want to look at the nickname of the nose and mustache

google gadgets accessory

8. Bunny ears for fun lovers

google glass gozluk

9. Beads for ladies who love jewelry

Google Glass accessories

10. Bluetooth headset

Google Glass accessory

Do you think we will soon see these Google Glass accessories on the streets? We will discover together Hep