SEO Search Engine Optimization and rise in Google

SEO Search Engine Optimization and rise in Google

Google upgrading the 'quality bar' each year provides a higher level of quality in online marketing overall (above the lower quality we've seen in recent years)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website on and off the site to increase its ranking visibility on search engines, its clickability (snippet) and the amount of organic visits it receives. To Turkishize this term; It can be expressed as search engine optimization.

It is an applied process. It takes time to see results,
It is a process that should be carried out by more than one department,
It is one of the least important but important areas of online marketing.
When done at the firm level, it needs a budget.
competition in Turkey is one of the lowest channel.

There's no quick magic trick that SEO can provide for your site to be in the first place. Remember that any SEO work only has high quality of your business or website, so a successful SEO will help your site get the best.
Search Engine Market Share in Turkey:

Tittle and description tags
Site hierarchy
H1 tags
Image optimization
Site maps
Site speed
Content that is not accessible is likely not to be indexed. The reasons for this may be the following.

Incorrect redirect redirect
Encrypted page.
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search Operators

Serving correct HTTP status code,
To have unique content,
Using less flash content,
Not cloking.

Not buying links,
Link composition does not remain organic,
Follow / Nofollow
Different anchor texts
Broken links.

Place your most valuable keywords in:

Body of the Text: Remember that you shouldn't use the same keywords over and over again. Add modifiers (eg "top", "top") and long tails.

Title: Having your keyword in the title will increase your CTR from SERP.

Subheadings: Subheadings / H2 headers are valuable places for Google SEO keywords.

Our work is not done yet! Remember to include Google SEO keywords in:

Meta Title: The meta title appears in search engine results. Use some strict keywords here.

Meta Description: This description appears below your link on Google. Write an engaging meta description with relevant keywords to increase your clickthrough rate.

Image File Names / ALT Attributes: First, add images to your Google SEO content! The pictures are attractive and attractive to readers, and Google likes them too. Use the keyword in file names (eg meal-salt.jpg). Also, use the ALT attribute to tell search engines and users what the image is with the keyword.

Link Text: Link to your new page from several other pages on your site, using your keyword as the anchor text. This makes it easier for Google crawlers to find and rank your page.

Raising the 'quality bar' each year provides a higher level of quality in online marketing overall (above the lower quality we've seen in recent years), Google says.

The success of organic marketing in 2019 is investing in high quality page content, better website architecture, improved usability, smart conversion to optimization balance, and 'legitimate' internet marketing techniques.

If you haven't taken these precautions, you will find yourself banned by Google's algorithms at some point in the next year.

We hear terms like SEO a lot, but how do we know that investing time and money in SEO is worth the investment? How do I know that SEO is bringing real value and profit to my business?
Businesses want to investigate whether SEO can really generate a positive return on their time and money investment. However, it is necessary to pay big money for the digital marketer or consultant to have SEO first analyze if it is the right marketing channel for them. But it doesn't have to be that way - that's where Google Analytics comes in!

As you probably know, Google Analytics is a free digital analytics tool and with some precautions it is already used by more than half of all websites on the Internet. And for most SMEs it's the only SEO analytics tool you need to evaluate SEO value for your business.

You can read how the Google Analytics application and the organic traffic provided by the keyword affect your site's performance in Google and how to find your organic search traffic metrics in Google Analytics, in our article on Organic Traffic and Google Search Rise Effect. You can also use Google A to measure the SEO value of your manager or client.

We will guide you on how to use nalytics.

Your site's URL structure can be important for tracking (you can more easily reflect data in reports by using a segmented, logical URL structure) and for shareability (shorter, descriptive URLs are easier to copy and paste). Don't try to use too many keywords when choosing a url; Create a short, descriptive URL.

If it is not necessary for this reason, do not change your urls. Even if your urls are not "pretty", if you don't feel like they are negatively affecting your users and your business in general, don't change them to be more keyword focused for "better SEO". But if you want to change it, be sure to use the "correct (301 permanent) redirect" type. This is a common mistake businesses make when they redesign their websites.

Rules for Writing SEO Compatible Articles

The article should be a simple, understandable and concise article describing the subject.
The manuscripts should be at least 250 words sufficient for the reader to understand.
The title of the article should be at least 2 and at most 5 words.
The targeted keyword must be included in the title of the article.
Subtitles that support the title should be created within the article and should be positioned using a correct hierarchy with H2, H3, H4 tags.
All word examples that users can search for in search engines related to the subject should be used in the text.
The subject or idea to be told in the article should be detailed with examples.
The article should be supported with special pictures and videos so that the readers can understand the subject better and reinforce the narrative with visual intelligence.
In order to provide comprehensive information to the readers in the article, special and quality content should be linked.
The article should be developed uniquely, with the aim of informing and enlightening the reader.
One of the biggest factors in getting to the top of the Google search engine, you can read our topic about organic traffic to your site from this article.