Security and MD5 Encryption Method with Delphi

Security and MD5 Encryption Method with Delphi

Hi, security, especially in the processing of personal data when writing programs is very important, in this regard with the Security and MD5 Encryption Method will discuss Delphi. And you can use md5 encryption in your project with the Delphi MD5 encryption library. In this way, the sent data is delivered to the secure location and saved.

When programming with Delphi you may want to use Web Browser to import data or to do encryption. I've already mentioned your location with Delphi using WebBrowser. You can reach it by clicking on the topic.

I wanted to share this with you so you might want to use it. It is very easy to use. I'm delivering you with sample codes.

Uses IdHashMessageDigest; // Mutlaka ekliyoruz.
//Örneğin yazısını MD5 teknik ile şifreleyelim
//Dönen değer aşağıdakidir.
procedure TForm10.Md5ButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
IdMD5: TIdHashMessageDigest5;
IdMD5 := TIdHashMessageDigest5.Create;
Memo1.Text := Memo1.Text + IdMD5.HashStringAsHex(edit1.Text) + #13+#10;

It is used to cause a serious structural sensitivity of the security system of the security-critical system when there is a rapidly developed software system according to the emergency release program without appropriate security planning, management and assurance processes. DataSnap's Data Set and Provider, a middleware of Embarcadero Technologies Co.'s Delphi XE2, helps develop an easy and quick procedure, but it is vulnerable to implement the security program and to control software system security.

Connection structure Database-DataSnap server-SQL connection-SQL Data set-Provider is applied. This is when the DataSnap Server Port is sure of malicious attackers, all kinds of Provider information is exposed.

This exposure is a window that can execute the SQL Command. Thus, the Data Set and the DataSnap Server must not be used in all aspects of security management. We've worked on verifying vulnerabilities for Client and Server DataSnap in Dlephi XE2, and we recommend a safe encoding method to improve the vulnerability in the DataSnap server system.