Automatically translate capital letters

Automatically translate capital letters

When visitors to your site form data on your website, in some areas, you would like to enter the Letter in Auto Capital, in particular, in capital letters. You may need to use capital letters to provide a layout in some areas of your articles.

To populate data based on data in cells in the form field, you can save time by allowing the Chrome AutoFill feature to fill in forms for you.

You can do whatever you want with a small script code, even if you use this auto-fill feature or allow the user to login.

Automatically populate forms with Google Chrome;

You can save time by allowing Chrome AutoFill to fill in online forms for you. If you enter new information in a form, Chrome will prompt you to save it. Select Save to accept.

To fill a form

Open Chrome on your computer.

In an online form, click the text field.

Select the information you want to use from the list.

Add, edit, or delete your address

When you save your address using a form, your name, organization, phone number, or e-mail address can also be saved.

Open Chrome on your computer.

At the top right, click More Other then Settings.

Click Advanced at the bottom.

Under ın Passwords and forms ”, click Auto-fill settings.

Add addresses or edit or delete an existing address:

Add: Click Add next to tık Addresses Ekleme.

Edit: To the right of the address, click More, then click Edit.

Delete: Click Other Other then Remove to the right of the address.

Save contact information to your computer

To save your information only to your computer and not save it to your Google Account, turn off AutoFill synchronization:

Open Chrome on your computer.

At the top right, click More Other then Settings.

Under the ‘Users lay section at the top, click Synchronize.

Turn off the Synchronize everything setting.

Turn off AutoFill.

Delete contact information from the Autofill feature

Open Chrome on your computer.

Click the text field on a form on the web.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight the information you want to delete.

Delete text:

Windows: Press Shift + Delete.

Mac: Shift + fn + Delete.

Chromebook: Press Shift + Alt + Backspace.

Automatically Translating entered information

For the real purpose of our subject; In other words, how can we ensure that the information entered into the form is automatically capitalized, so that you can use the following snippet in html, php, or asp format in any format.

Use the following script code by adapting it to your site's form. It's all that simple.

 <! DOCTYPE html>
function myFunction ()
var x = document.getElementById ("fname");
x.valu A = x.value.touppercas A ();
</ Script>
</ Head>
Enter your name: <input type = "text" id = "fname" onchange = "myFunction ()">
<p> When you leave the input field, a function is triggered.
</ Body>
</ Html>

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