Full HTML Lecture Notes

Full HTML Lecture Notes

HTML is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Hiper Metin Marking Language. It is a text-based language that can be recognized and interpreted by the browsers, and web pages are obtained as a result of the browser interpreting the text. In short, HTML is a language used to make web pages.

In order to write this language, at least one text editor is needed. It can be the Notepad that comes with the Windows operating system, or the text editors of Office packages. You can also use an HTML editor (Hot Dog, Cute HTML, HomSite etc.) or an HTML editor with visual interface (FrontPage, Dreamveawer, etc.) to help you learn the commands.

Because it is often not necessary to write commands in programs with a visual interface, it is better not to use such programs at this stage.

HTML, such as commands in each marking language, the command is called tag or mark-up. We'll use the tag throughout our article. Tags are written between in <anlaş and uk> diye so that they can be understood by the browser they are different from any text.

Each tag has a beginning and an end. The kullanılır / inde mark is used in the end tags to indicate that the tag is the end tag after the “<mek mark.

If we need to show with an example;

This is a Paragraph tag.

The first opened code should be closed when placing tags on the page. To this rule

If not, the browser will not be able to interpret your tags.

Finally, as you can see, when you are counting the programs used to make the pages above, you can use the most cost-free program, Notepad. We're going to assume you're using this program when we talk about things.

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