Unlimited Category Structure with Asp

Unlimited Category Structure with Asp

Hello Safir Media friends, this time our subject is Unlimited Category infrastructure with ASP. So you can add as many categories, subcategories and more subcategories as you want.

In our example, both the asp files and the database are available for these files for the main category and subcategory creation process. You can download the sample file from the link. Wishing you goodbye in beautiful places G

Click to access the file.

ASP, Microsoft's first dynamic web pages developed to produce server-side scripting engine. Also known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic. ASP If you're having trouble coding, you can check out our ASP Programming Errors article.

Inside an ASP file, custom objects and VBS, JS, SQL codes are found, and when these pages are requested by the client, the server first creates and sends the information that the client sends to the codes by executing the codes within the ASP. The information sent is usually HTML (or SGML). However, it is not limited to just the same, a graphic file can be created and sent to the client.

ASP pages are embedded in HTML code with <% and%> ASP tags, but return to pure HTML once they are interpreted by the server. When looking at the source code, ASP codes are not visible. This makes it easier for coders to store their resources.

One of the reasons for the emergence of ASP CGI languages ​​Session and Applications (Application) from the beginning to the end of monitoring is inadequate.