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Address Organizer Delphi Source Code
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadadaj
Free address book, which you can keep detailed information such as phone, address, mail, site address, mobile phone, short note of the persons you want in computer environment, is a kind of organizer program. In addition, this program has a reminder feature. Birthday etc. You can also add a reminder..
Delphi MP3 Player Music Player Source Codes
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Model: Sfr-DSCMP
With Delphi, you can listen to MP3 and Wav files. Continuous play, shuffle, repeat, volume control, balance, time (remaining / passing), progress bar with which you can adjust the position of the song, status indicator bar, search option on the database, changing the data, adding to the database, se..
Delphi Windows Calculator
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Model: Sfr-DSCHM
This application is a source code file describing the use of Windows Calculator with a Delphi. Delphi Programming Language will be very useful in learning. In addition, Delphi mathematical operations to add, subtract, multiply and divide will give you an idea of how to do.We are adding 16 buttons, 4..
Warehouse Stock Control Program Delphi Source Code
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadadsc
I wanted to share with you the delphi source code of the stock program I prepared with Delphi for the companies or traders who worked with you years ago. With these source codes we prepared as Safir Media, you can have information about how to do mathematical operations in delphi and database p..
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