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Safir Seo Auto Hits Pro Gold Membership Package (6 Months)

Safir Seo Auto Hits Pro Gold Membership Package (6 Months)
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The installation fee of the corporate site packages you have received from us is included in the package. However, please contact us for the installation of the themes.

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Safir Seo Auto Hits Pro Gold Membership Package (6 Months)

This product is a real user of all of your site, which means that it is a 6-month Gold membership product for Safir AutoHits Pro users who send organic visitors and significantly improve your ranking on Google and Alexa.


  • 3000 gold credit gifts are added to Gold members every week. In other words, 3000 credits are added once a week on the credit it has earned.
  • Gold members earn 2 times more credit than regular members. That is, if other members earn 4 credits while visiting a site to earn credits, gold members earn 8 credits.
  • For Gold sites, Gold members can set how long they will stay while browsing. The standard residence time is 60 seconds. Gold members' stay time setting has been added. You can set the duration of your stay from 60 seconds to 300 seconds for each site. In the time setting, the amount of credit that will decrease according to the period increases. For example, 300 sec. 30 credits.
  • Due to site density, standard members are allowed to add a maximum of 5 steers. But there is no such limit for Gold members. They can add as many sites as they want.
  • Gold Membership, which has the ability to add unlimited sites and adjust the duration of the visitors' stay, is 100 TL for 6 months.
  • Gold members do not wait for site approval. This means that sites that are legal, non-+18 and comply with our rules are automatically approved. +18 and Gold members who add illegal sites are undoubtedly permanently deleted and have no refund.

When your purchase of this product is completed, your Gold membership is activated by us and your gold membership continues for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, you can continue your Gold membership by paying or you can ask us to convert it to Normal Membership.

Safir Media Gold reserves the right to improve and modify its membership features.

You can submit your change requests and ideas as comments. Will definitely be considered.

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