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Recipes Program

Recipes Program
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Recipes Program

You can add your own recipes to the program that has many recipes. You can delete recipes you don't like, or make changes. The program consists of categories, recipe titles, materials used and description details.

The recipes category is divided into categories, you can filter according to the category you want and you can easily access the tariff you want by searching on the food name. You can also navigate between recipes with Forward and Back keys.

In the settings section of the program, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner time setting is available. You can set these hours at your own time, so that you can alert at that time. In this way, you recall that it is time to prepare recipes and prepare meals, and you will eat in time. Reading recipe Editing recipes Adding new recipes Filtering recipes by category or name Alarming at the time you set before breakfast, lunch and dinner time.


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