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E-commerce Site

E-commerce Site
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Unless otherwise stated, the delivery of the themes except the special designs is the same day, the delivery of the applications to be installed is about 2 days.

The installation fee of the corporate site packages you have received from us is included in the package. However, please contact us for the installation of the themes.

All our products are licensed and delivered with license code. There are absolutely no illegal products on our site.

E-commerce Site

E-commerce sites offer unique Sapphire E commerce packages with professional support, services and advanced infrastructure in terms of shopping site design. Start e-commerce with affordable Sapphire E-commerce software and packages at affordable rates. You don't need to pay big bucks for your shopping site.

Electronic commerce is a trading method that enables companies to sell online. Developing technology and the fact that people prefer the internet for shopping has made the e-commerce sector attractive. If you want to set up your own e-commerce store and make money on the internet, be sure to review our e-commerce packages. Good and understandable design, easy and user-friendly web interface will increase your sales revenue. For this reason, you should pay attention to these when you install an e-commerce site or purchase a package. With easy product management, you can set up your own virtual store where you can sell as many products as you want in a given day and we let you start selling immediately.

Our e-commerce packages with different costs have all the features you will need for your business. Safir Eticaret'in enjoy all the features and services at no additional cost to enjoy using, we are very transparent in this regard. You can upgrade your package at any time to use more features.

Domain name, hosting, e-mail, security, backup, payment infrastructure and many other services are offered to you as a whole. The management processes of your virtual shop are both fast and easy! Save time when managing your virtual sales site.

Automatic updated Google Sitemap with your site innovations, your products are instantly listed in google, Automatic Bulletin Management with your customers with one-touch automatically generated newsletters can send your mail ads.

With the professional flexible and modular management panel of Safirmedya E-Commerce System, you can make your site design aesthetic, to suit your purpose. From text, colors, images, and overview, you can change all of your site's settings as desired.

Our web site applications are designed in Turkish and easy to use Management (Control) Panel. You can easily change the design that we provide to you from the management panel.

Thanks to the meta / keywords that you can define for each product, you can quickly get to the front of the search engines. The products you have added with our auto-generated google sitemap are listed by google as soon as possible.

  • A domain name you specify during the installation of your site is registered free of charge for you.
  • You are not dealing with hosting and installation. You just stay managing your site from the management panel.
  • You can create discount vouchers for the products you want for the products or categories.
  • You can quickly get to the front of the search engines with special meta / keywords.

You can review our references without deciding to buy.

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