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Unless otherwise stated, the delivery of the themes except the special designs is the same day, the delivery of the applications to be installed is about 2 days.

The installation fee of the corporate site packages you have received from us is included in the package. However, please contact us for the installation of the themes.

All our products are licensed and delivered with license code. There are absolutely no illegal products on our site. Upload Credit

What you can do with our Organic Hit Control Panel system,, which we designed and put into use for our customers who want to buy Organic Hit to your site, is explained in detail below.

This product allows you to load credits for the Sapphire Organic Traffic Panel ( Choose the amount of credit you want from the options, and upload the amount you purchased to your panel. Use as much as you want whenever you want.

With the control panel, you can send keyword-backed organic traffic to your site, which you can follow instantly via Google Analytics. While doing this, you have complete control. How Does?

After being a member of the panel and logging in;

Main Features

You can add as many sites as you want.

You can add keywords and related links for each site.

You can make arrangements and plans about keywords and links.

You can make plans on the calendar and be warned when the time comes.

You can start and stop traffic to your site whenever you want, whenever you want.

You can open and review the detailed report of the traffic in My Files section.

You can create instant support notifications.

Google, yandex, bing ... etc to your site through search engines or social media at random from the country or world you want to reference all provinces and districts of Turkey, it is a system that sends the visitor traffic.

Our service is fully integrated with Google Analytics and works instantly. You will be able to follow the traffic you receive through our system instantly through your Analytics accounts. In addition, detailed reports are sent to you at the end of the work and my files are added to the system.

You can also work as a dealer; How Does? By adding your customer site under your subscription, you plan your traffic and you get paid in return.

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