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Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic

Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic
Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic

Unless otherwise stated, the delivery of the themes except the special designs is the same day, the delivery of the applications to be installed is about 2 days.

The installation fee of the corporate site packages you have received from us is included in the package. However, please contact us for the installation of the themes.

All our products are licensed and delivered with license code. There are absolutely no illegal products on our site.

Google Analytics Hit Organic Traffic

Sapphire Organic Traffic Hit Google Analytics Service, on the keywords you want your Web site is completely organic random from all provinces and districts of Turkey, it is a system that sends the visitor traffic.

This service is fully integrated with Google Analytics and works instantly. You can view all traffic through your Google Analytics account.

You type the number of visitors you want, and whenever you want, the visitor traffic with the keyword you want starts organically. With our system, you can provide traffic from your computer, mobile and tablet devices anywhere. You can have your traffic sent by filling in information about which page of your site, which keyword, at what times, how many visitors.

It's enough to have your Google Analytics tracking code in your site's source code. 
This product provides Google Analystics Organic Traffic to your site. VPS or Hitleap provides visitors / sessions that become visible to your website without tools such as garbage traffic. In this way, you can change your site's alexa value, google rank and ad revenue.

Raise your site to the top positions in Alexa and Google with the high visitor traffic we provide to your website 'Fold the value of your site ız Strengthen your hand in getting advertising and c WIN c.

This item appears in Google Analytics and only sends unlimited number of visitors from Turkey.

  • All visits are provided from various provinces and districts of Turkey.
  • Visitors from different IP users are coming and visitors remain on your site for 3-5 min.
  • Visitors enter the page you specify with the keyword you have specified. 
  • There are Page Scroling (ie each visitor displays up to the bottom of the page)
  • All visits to the page you added are from which IP addresses, when and from which locations

You can track all data from your Google Analitics account as if you were logged in.

What are the benefits?

  • Alexa will benefit your ranking, your ranking will be increased in a short time.
  • Quick Index allows you to German, Google ranks your ranking.
  • Google Organic Search is provided to increase visitors.
  • As your site's hit will increase, your chances of getting ads to your site will increase.
  • Allows Visitors to Rise to Site.

Is my website damaged?

Because it works integrated with Google Analytics, you can view all traffic from your Google Analytics account. There is no harm to your site because it does not see the incoming traffic as a fake or attack. Thanks to this service, google boots can be accessed more often by logging into your site and your pages can be indexed quickly.

ADSENSE Problem in my account?

Adsense will not pose any problems for advertisers.


After the study, no reports are presented, you can check your own Google Analytics account, or you can follow your instant data by notifying you when sending visitors.

Selection of Traffic Sources

  • Desktop Organic Traffic

We can only send unlimited traffic from desktop platforms.

  • Mixed Organic Traffic

Random mobile, tablet and desktop platforms can send unlimited traffic.

  • Mobile Organic Traffic

We can only send unlimited traffic from mobile devices.


You can specify any keywords / words in the order description.

Search Engine Selection

Traffic, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, Yandex or AOL can choose your desired search engine. You can specify in the order description section, and random delivery will be made unless you specify.

How Much Can I Buy?

You can get as much traffic as you want, Monthly, weekly, daily, you want at the time you want, you can send as much traffic as you want. Unlimited number of uses possible.


  • Basic Package:

5.000 Traffic, Instant Delivery, 1 Keyword (s): VAT 20 TL

  • Mini Package:

10.000 Traffic, Instant Send, 2 Keywords Additive: VAT Included 30 TL

  • Advantage Package:

20,000 Traffic, Instant Send, 3 Keywords: VAT Included 50 TL

  • Expert Package:

50.000 Traffic, Spreading to 5 hours during the day, 5 Keywords: VAT included 150 TL

  • Professional Package:

100.000 Traffic, Spreading to 10 hours during the day, 5 Keywords: VAT included 250 TL

  • Extra Package:
  1. Daily 500.000 traffic , 24 hours spread, 10 Keywords: VAT included 500 TL
  2. 1,000,000 weekly traffic , 24 hours a day on weekdays, 20 Keywords: VAT included 1,200 TL
  3. Monthly 5,000,000 Traffic , 24 hours a day on the days you want, 50 Keywords Addition: VAT Including 4.000 TL


Be sure to watch our video to learn about the product. Always include your keywords in the order description field.

People who use the program as a whole voluntarily visiting the site to visit our organic visitor system. Sapphire Organic Visitor Program Click for Sapphire AutoHits Pro.

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