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While this extension fills in fields such as Products, Categories, Manufacturers and Information Pages, filling the Seo URL is very challenging as it requires no Turkish characters and spaces.
If you don't want to spend time filling in Seo URL also called Slug when you fill in Product name, Category name, Manufacturer Brand name and Page information. This module will help you do that.

This module automatically gets the name of the product, category, manufacturer and page information and automatically generates the Seo URL and populates the SEO Keyword fields by replacing spaces, characters with slashes or dashes ( - ).

EXAMPLE: Product Name: Sony Led TV Perfect ===> Seo Url (Slug) = sony-led-tv-perfect (auto-filled as)


=> Automatically generate SEO URL for products.
=> Automatically generate SEO URL for categories.
=> Automatically generate SEO URL for manufacturers.
=> Automatically generate SEO URL for information.
=> Supports multiple languages.
=> Enable/Disable 'Seo URL Autofill [OCMOD]' Module on admin side
=> Easy to Install => It will run automatically.

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