Google Bridge Improves Page Algorithm

Google Bridge Improves Page Algorithm

We began to hear the term SEO as the philosophy of marketing on the internet became widespread. I can say a collection of criteria that helps you stay on top of search sites. The reason I say the criteria is that they are not dependent on a point. Optimizing your site is to think about many factors. One of these was the bridge page logic.

Bridge Page:

It is the page similar to Doorway Page designed as the entry point of the website. Google recently announced an algorithmic move related to home pages. This algorithm will affect many websites that are trying to increase the number of visitors to the web page by creating hyperlink links.

So What Is This Bridge Pages?

Hyperlink pages is the name of a web site or any page that is created in search engines to increase in certain words. Google is taking measures to trick Google into the search engine. Google has announced a new update to deal with this process. Something I've been considering lately.

Google was going to update the update directly without announcing that it was going to update before, but now it warns ahead. In fact, this is even great. In this update, the main purpose is always that.

Google wants to give quality results to its users. This is not possible with sites that are intended only for landing pages by creating doorways pages.

Because Google knows this, it wants to take measures and clean such pages soon.

Here's what you shouldn't do;

  1. You should not create hyperlink pages to provide hits only.
  2. You should never create such pages in order to increase your target word.
  3. You can create paravan blogs and redirect to your website by developing more content.
  4. Backlinks are no longer the same. It becomes more important and needs to be more carefully structured. You should feed your websites with natural connections. Natural connections will come with spontaneous content.

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