ASP Objects and Elements

ASP Objects and Elements

As an ASP designer, we actually do something with ASP Objects and Elements; in other words, our ASP codes are for these objects, they are intended to use them and to obtain a result from them or to transmit a result to them. Objects of ASP are grouped into six groups:

Application / Application: An ASP site is actually seen as an Application Program. This is a new concept for the designer familiar with the HTML / CGI tradition. Those who invented ASP; When a visitor enters an ASP page and starts surfing on a site, they see him as a computer user who runs a program. Thus, our site, every visitor to the program is considered to have worked as a program. We will consider the opportunities that this approach brings us as a Web designer.

Session / Session: When a visitor arrives on our site, no matter which page we request, this connection is considered a session in terms of ASP. Each session has properties, variables, and values ​​that continue for a certain period of time. We will benefit greatly from session features in site design.

Request / Request: All information from the browser to the Server are elements of the Request object. Using this object, we use any HTTP information from the client.

Response / Response: All information that we send from the server to the visitor's computer are cookies and headers are the elements of the Response object. We'll send it to the visitor using this object.

Server / Server: ASP treats the Web Server program as an object and allows us to use the tools and facilities it provides.

ObjectContext / Object Context: Accesses the services offered by Microsoft's Transaction Server (MTS) program. MTS allows us to take advantage of application programs from within ASP pages. You can take advantage of the MTS and ObjectContext objects when you advance your ASP expertise.

ASP You may experience some errors in programming. There are solutions to these errors. You can write your comments about the inconveniences and mistakes you have made, we will return to you. In addition, you can reach our article about the solutions of some errors.