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Some programs, source codes, delphi source codes, asp source codes, php source codes, games, web and mobile apps free download which we may like and be useful.
Address Organizer Delphi Source Code
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadadaj
Free address book, which you can keep detailed information such as phone, address, mail, site address, mobile phone, short note of the persons you want in computer environment, is a kind of organizer program. In addition, this program has a reminder feature. Birthday etc. You can also add a reminder..
ASP Unlimited Category Source Codes
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-ASPSCSK
In this hint, I want to explain how to create an unlimited list of categories in the database and how to read the category list.One of the most difficult work of creating a store is to create a category and distinguish products with subcategories, and perhaps have a subcategory of this subcategory. ..
Delphi MP3 Player Music Player Source Codes
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Model: Sfr-DSCMP
With Delphi, you can listen to MP3 and Wav files. Continuous play, shuffle, repeat, volume control, balance, time (remaining / passing), progress bar with which you can adjust the position of the song, status indicator bar, search option on the database, changing the data, adding to the database, se..
Delphi Windows Calculator
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Model: Sfr-DSCHM
This application is a source code file describing the use of Windows Calculator with a Delphi. Delphi Programming Language will be very useful in learning. In addition, Delphi mathematical operations to add, subtract, multiply and divide will give you an idea of how to do.We are adding 16 buttons, 4..
Brand: Apple Model: Sfr-CC12360928
Events is a full app template for you to create your own mobile iOS app to store and share events all over the world. Users can submit new events to you and you can approve them by changing a value in the isPending field in your Parse Dashboard on back{4}app.Since its backend is by Parse Server, you..
Market and Exchange Rates Tracking, Gold and Stock Exchange Index
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloaddkp
Both Free Market and T.C. Central Bank and exchange rates program, which works in integration with the Central Bank, is the google chrome application. In addition to the exchange rates, you can see current gold prices, ISE Stock index and parity.Just click on the app icon that will be placed in your..
OpenCart 3.X Turkish Language Files
New Hot Free
Brand: Opencart Model: SM-OCdilTR
OpenCart is a free open source e-commerce platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation for building a successful online store. It caters to a wide variety of e-commerce stores with paid and free themes.It ranges from experienced web developers looking for a..
Parrot - Parrot Google Chrome Theme
New Free
Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadgcpt
It is a colorful theme, decorated with parrots in simple elegance, easy-to-read, user-friendly, and very popular, capable of imitating human speech.If you are using Google Chrome browser, you will like this theme too.How to Upload a Theme:The theme is very easy to install, just click on the Add to C..
Recipes Program
New Hot Free
Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadytp
You can add your own recipes to the program that has many recipes. You can delete recipes you don't like, or make changes. The program consists of categories, recipe titles, materials used and description details.The recipes category is divided into categories, you can filter according to the catego..
Safir Font Tracing Font Monitoring Program
New Hot Free
Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-downloadfip
Photoshop etc. applications or word, excell, powerpoint etc. font programs, font selection, color selection and so on. especially if the font archive of our computer is crowded, it is sometimes very annoying to find the font we are looking for.Of course there is a difficulty in choosing a font. In p..
Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sfr-Autohits
What is Organic Hit Program? Organic traffic is the number of natural and natural visitors to the site. Does the name of the study be organic indicate that this study is really organic? Google is an advanced software that can control the organic concept in many ways. Therefore, v..
Sapphire Picture Convert and Create Thumbnail Sapphire Picture Convert and Create Thumbnail
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Brand: Safir Medya Model: Sp-PCCT
Thumbnails are scaled-down versions of larger photographs, useful for conserving screen space on a Web page or visually scanning a photo archive for a specific shot. They don't have a standard size thumbnails for a portfolio might be much larger than thumbnails for your LinkedIn profile. Facebook, f..
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