The Google Pixel Buds 2 wireless headset, officially launched on October 15, 2019, is officially available. The headset, which has been on the shelves for a long time now and only in the USA, has long been eagerly awaited. As you may remember, the first Pixel Buds wireless headset was generally very unpopular and unable to sound.

This is the second generation Google Pixel Buds that changes this and gets good comments from the reviews, unlike the first version, comes completely wireless and comes with a charging chamber. Overall, the product that brings Apple AirPods to mind has a very stylish design with its white case. 

This new product from Google, Google Pixel Buds integrates seamlessly with the device it matches. However, the first version was a controversial product based on insufficient battery life and insufficient sound quality.

You have your Chromecast or Pixel phone. Control every time you wake up by interacting with Google's products and services. So, you can wear Google on your skull. That's the word of the second-generation Pixel Buds, Google's rival for Apple's AirPods. It is almost pointless to examine these headphones as headphones. In summary, the first Pixel Buds were bad. The new Pixel Buds are pretty good. But these aren't just headphones, right?

Unlike the first version , Google Pixel Buds comes completely wireless and comes with a charging chamber. Overall, the product that brings Apple AirPods to mind has a very stylish design with its white case. 

As you can imagine, the model with microphones and direct access to Google Assistant brings a high Bluetooth distance and promises high sound quality. Designed to be sweat resistant and making a difference with its instant translation, the wireless headset brings a high sound insulation since it is in the form of the ear. With only active noise canceling, the product has a better battery life than the first version. 

For whom?

People who love Google, Google Assistant, and don't want to pay much attention to their privacy policies that want them to transfer their data faster. The biggest advantage of Pixel Buds over other wireless headsets is how quickly and tightly they connect to Google's wide range of other products and services.  This means that you can give your data even faster to get the most out of them. If you want to do this, continue. If not, do not buy these headphones.

Living with it

It's easy to pair with an Android phone - as long as you want to bypass the end user license agreements. To get the most out of Pixel Buds (and this is probably all of them), you need to open Google Assistant. Do this and get handy hands-free features from Google. 

Communicating with Pixel Buds is done with both your voice and your fingers. The latter includes a series of touch controls that move slightly. Apart from the obvious ones - tap to play and pause music, double tap to skip forward, three tap to skip backward - there are assistant specific commands. If it is pressed for a long time, Assistant starts, and double tapping turns it off. It takes a while to get used to but it's intuitive enough.

All smart Assistant work is done on your phone and on Google's servers, but it is quite good to make it a good experience over Bluetooth. The microphone quality on the device is good enough to both communicate with the Assistant and make calls. The Bluetooth signal is also mostly reliable. The problem is that, as you can't see a screen, you can get confused, as with any audio interface, especially if you're trying to give more complex commands while walking down a busy street.

So, should I buy?

Ask yourself this: Do you already use Google for almost every aspect of your life? If your answer is yes and you're already looking for wireless headphones in the price range of $ 150-190, consider buying Pixel Buds. You won't find better integration with Android anywhere else, but you can find better battery life and sound quality for high bucks. If you intend to transfer more data to Google and the company has no problem tracking your every move, get it now.