HoloLens has similar features to augmented reality products and will allow us to see the holograms around us thanks to its wearable screen.

Microsoft, Windows 10 and the internet browser next to Spartan'ın HoloLens has introduced a new product named. Described as imkan Holographic Future h, this technology allows you to see the holograms around you.

HoloLens has similar features to augmented reality products and will allow us to see the holograms around us thanks to its wearable screen. HoloLens, described as işlem the world's most advanced holographic computer ı, has a special holographic processor as well as CPU and GPU.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

The latest innovation announced by Microsoft in its big Windows 10 event was in the field of augmented reality. Microsoft in the last period of gaining popularity of virtual reality devices, Microsoft has announced that the device HoloLens'i features to fold their rivals.

In the photo above, you can see the Microsoft HoloLens, holographic world around you as a hologram and digital and physical world to bring together holographic lenses. The device also features positional sound detection. So when the holograms are behind you, you can hear their voices.

HoloLens is designed so that it does not need another phone or computer. HoloLens has a high-end GPU and CPU. HoloLens also has an HPU, which, in Microsoft's words, stands for the 'holographic processing unit'.

The black viewfinder at the front of the wearable screen provides a transparent display and allows the holograms to be heard thanks to the spatial sound features. In addition, the sensors used in the display add power to the HoloLens.

HoloLens is designed to work on its own without the need for a phone or a computer, and there is also a abil holographic processing unit gisay, ie HPU.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

Hologram applications that will be the same as the applications that will come out with Windows 10 will make it easier for developers to create applications for the virtual reality device.

In this context, Windows 10, as the world's first holographic computing platform, will include a set of APIs that enable developers to design real-life holographic experiences. Windows 10 will be able to work as a hologram. Thus, the use of three-dimensional holograms in the physical environment will be possible.

Microsoft HoloLens, which is currently under development, will be available for use by both businesses and consumers. You can watch the promotional video published for Microsoft HoloLens, which is not much about now.

icrosoft made a very impressive demonstration at today's event, and Windows showed Holographic and HoloLens the power of the show. A Microsoft official performing with HoloLens installed drew a virtual 3D quadrocopter using the HoloStudio application, that is, making voice commands and hand signals. The completed project was then sent to the 3D printer there and a 3D product created in the digital world began to take its place directly in the real world.

With more applications, we can only imagine what the platform will do in the future. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide a release date for the HoloLens device with the Windows Holographic platform. We were only told that it will be released recently with Windows 10, which we do not know when it will be released.