TP-LINK has launched a new solution for powerline adapter users. The TL-WPA4220, which is sold individually, targets the powerline user of any brand that needs an additional adapter.

TP-LINK, the leading brand in the world wireless network market, also offered the TL-WPA4220, the most popular powerline adapter model, for sale. Powerline adapters, which allow the Internet to be transported in the house or office by using the power line, provide internet without plugging cables, plugging walls all over the house / office.

Powerline adapters, which also make electrical cables the cables that carry the Internet, are usually sold as a dual kit. An adapter is plugged into the electrical outlet by connecting to the modem; the other adapter is used to connect to the Internet in the room or the area where it is connected. The TL-WPA4220 is the only TP-LINK model that is available for sale. The TL-WPA4220 is compatible with all brands and models of powerline adapters.

The TL-WPA4220 with Plug & Play supports both wired and wireless connectivity. For this reason, the current powerline adapter is an ideal solution for users who have a wired connection, and the device is plugged in and activated by pressing the button on it. With 300Mbps wireless speed offering, it is possible to establish a seamless and seamless internet connection. Powerline adapter is installed in different rooms / sections, plugging the internet.

Internet solution for tenants

Powerline adapters are a very affordable and cost-effective solution, especially for frequent home-changing tenants. It doesn't need cable tapping, drilling, etc. It allows the owners to distribute the internet to the rooms without any problem and without costing cable costs. When you need to change the house, it is extremely convenient to take the modem and adapters to the new home and connect.

Powerline adapters, which are also suitable for small offices, are an ideal solution to overcome elements that prevent wireless network signals, such as thick walls, wood veneers, from spreading. This kind of problem in the region of the adapter to be plugged into the electric line to move the internet to solve the problem of connection. With an adapter that supports both wired and wireless connections, such as the TL-WPA4220, it is possible to access the wireless network seamlessly and quickly.

The TL-WPA4220 powerline adapter for the TP-LINK is available as a single selling price of 82 USD + VAT.