Companies that use 444 numbers before the numbers of these numbers could be searched for free, then resorted to another alertness. Companies began to use numbers starting with 0850. 0850'li numbers over the mobile phone lines to be called through the package minutes from the mobile phone to call the number of companies looking for these companies ında 0850 numbers with mobile phones can not be dialed,

Make a call from the fixed line. şt the citizen by calling from landlines, including taxes, 14.59 cents per minute caused fees to pay. The alertness of the companies again hit the citizen's pocket. Institutions and subscribers who wanted an independent number without provincial limitation began to use the numbers starting with 0850. Many companies are now forwarding to this number as a call center. The 444 Numbers are Forwarding to the Number 0850.

850 Line Lines are as Safe and Reputation as the Least Other Lines

TELKODER Chairman ARIAK emphasized that all the numbers used by all small operators are state owned, and all of the 850'li and 444 numbers assigned to operators by ICTA are respected numbers.

Previously 444'li call lines that serve the service line and fixed on the fixed phone in every direction was falling from minutes. Even when it was free to call these numbers at certain hours with the advantages of being brought on landlines, companies immediately found another way. They started using the 0850 lines. If these numbers are searched via GSM operators, the packet used is charged at 14,59 cents when dialed from fixed lines. According to the complaints submitted by the citizens; Many companies are calling these numbers from their mobile phones and directing them to landlines. Moreover, citizens who are looking for these numbers from landlines are being held on the line for minutes. Here are some of the complaints: 0850'li Numbers Not Called Mobile Phones Lie! U I had to reach my bank's customer service urgently this morning. 444'li number I dialed the number and 0850'li I have to call to find a number. I just dialed the number. There's no line. Then the fixed line call the customer representative "BTK's decision, mobile phones with 0850 numbers can not be dialed, the fixed line, call," he said. I'm not using a landline. I didn't understand why such an obligation. I can't have a landline anywhere. Let me make a logical explanation of this and please let me correct this situation which could cause many grievances. ’They even wait for a minute I called the number I started with 444. This number led me to the number starting with 0850. I have been looking for the request and complaint lines starting at 0850 since the morning and I've been waiting for half an hour. ’ When calling through 0850 numbers, all taxes, including all taxes, are now available at 14,59 krs. He is charged. If you dial a number from 0850 with gsm operators, you are dialing a fixed number and the number you have defined on your line is reduced from the fixed directions. In addition, the firm said ’BTK's decision, 0850 numbers cannot be dialed with mobile phones’ does not reflect the truth.

Why do companies prefer numbers 0580?

Companies receiving 0850 numbers will not pay high access fees.

They do not pay additional call forwarding charges per call for calls to 0850.

The subscriber number is 0850 and there are no monthly fixed fees.

These are only a few of the reasons for their preference, but except for the companies that receive these numbers, they are taken by people or persons who are uncertain about what they are and are used for different purposes.

What are the Numbers of Companies Starting with 0 850?

Some of the company numbers starting with 0850 are as follows.

0 Number of Companies Starting with 850?

0850 200 0 666 - Turkish Economy Bank TEB

0850 210 0 738 - Setur Tourism

0850 221 21 12 - CMC Call Center

0850 222 0 333 - Garanti Bank

0850 222 0 361 - Leakage Journal

0850 222 0 600 - Ingbank

0850 222 0 800 - Denizbank

0850 222 0 900 - Finansbank

0850 222 00 00 - Atlasjet

0850 222 1 222 - Turkcell Superonline Customer Service

0850 222 1 900 - Finansbank SME

0850 222 4 888 - Bank of Asia

0850 222 44 44 - The Scout

0850 222 5 550 - Anadolu Bank

0850 222 5556 - Albaraka Turkish

0850 222 8 222 - Burgan Bank (Euro Bank Tekfen)

0850 222 88 88 - TÜVTÜRK

0850 250 67 02 - Pegasus (Flypgs)

0850 250 50 50 - Groupama Insurance

0850 252 40 00 - (D-Market)

0850 266 0 266 - D-Smart

0850 288 80 80 - TurkNet Call Center

0850 333 0 333 - Doping Customer Service

0850 333 0 444 - Millenicom Customer Service

0850 333 0 849 - Turkish Airlines THY

0850 333 2 538 by Anadolu Jet

0850 724 0724 - Turkey Is Bankasi (Isbank)

The nomadic number's other name is alan nomadic, numbers as we said above, but the companies that receive this number remain the same even if they change the city. In other words, the company X in Ankara has to use the telephone code 312 of Ankara, when it is moved to Istanbul, it must use the area code 212 or 216. But there is no such problem in nomadic numbers. They are numbers that are not used in any province and are not dependent on the telephone code of the province.