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Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program

Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program
Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program
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Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program
Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program

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Sapphire Auto Hits Pro Organic Traffic Hit Program

What is Organic Hit Program? Organic traffic is the number of visitors who come to the site voluntarily and naturally. Does the name of the study be organic, is it really organic? Google is an advanced software that can control the organic concept in many ways. For this reason, visitors can analyze their behavior very well as artificial or organic. In some cases where he suspects, he can also resort to unexpected moves to control the naturalness of these studies.

The site visits to be organic depend on various criteria, some of which are as follows;

Visit source (direct login, routing, word search)

Time on site

Number of pages visited on site

Visits received variety of pages and so on.

So what is the difference of this system from other Hit Sites? Other hit sites run their site addresses (eg "") with the iframe. In this case, 500 hits to your site google go to the traffic that site (eg "") address would be so that 500 times it appears to be entered from the site that the organic hit.

The program that solves these problems is: SAFIR AUTOHITSPRO Organic Hit Program is not only used by site owners, but also as a program for housewives, students and people who spend their time mostly on the internet. The program definitely does not work with the iframe logic. The users of the program earn credits if they wish to use this loan as a visitor on their website, if they wish, they can make a discount coupon and convert it into money and can use it as a discount in service / product purchase (30% of the total amount). In other words, you can use the discount coupon of 100 $ for the product of 300 $ as an example.

Flexible Management

Safir AutoHitsPro Program has a professional, flexible and modular structure.

English Control Panel

Sapphire AutoHits Program AutoHitsPro program is designed to be completely Turkish and easy to use Management (Control) Paneled. It allows visitors to organic hits from your own request to your site.

The site is used both by site owners to gain organic hits to their sites, but also by making use of people who spend their time mostly on the Internet.

Some of the reasons why the site owners prefer;

All visitors to your site are real users, ie organic visitors. In this way, your ranking in Alexa will improve dramatically.

Youtube, Dailymotion, Ya, İzlesene, etc., you can watch videos on all kinds of video sites to watch the number of views and money can earn.

You can increase your number of visitors and followers by adding your social media accounts and pages.

You can add an unlimited number of sites, social media accounts, pages or videos.

Manage your professional solution, organic and backlink hits to manage your site hits ...

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You can use the program safely. Safir Media reserves the right to change the terms of use of the program at any time.

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