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100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site

100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site
100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site
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100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site
100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site

Unless otherwise stated, the delivery of the themes except the special designs is the same day, the delivery of the applications to be installed is about 2 days.

The installation fee of the corporate site packages you have received from us is included in the package. However, please contact us for the installation of the themes.

All our products are licensed and delivered with license code. There are absolutely no illegal products on our site.

100% organic Visitors browsing pages on your site

100% organic traffic to your sites, 100% Turkish or foreign (100% US or 10% Italy, 60% Russian, 30%, etc.) according to your preference.  Or we send a world-wide mixed visitor.

The difference between this system and other systems is that every visitor sent to your site does not travel up to 5 subpages on your site.

What's the use of 5 sub-pages:

One of the most important factors for your site's rise in searches is Google Analytics bounce rate. If your visitors get out of your site right away, your bounce rate rises very much. This system reduces the bounce rate of your site because each visitor visits 5 pages.

Ranking in Google searches

Promotion in the key words you specify during the order,

Fast index retrieval on Google,

Increase in visitors with Google search, increasing the rate of visitors staying on the site,

Your site will increase your chances of getting ads on your site,

The impression rate of your subpages

We may send your visitors from GOOGLE, Yandex, bıng, etc. Search engines, if you want, from social networking sites like Instagram, FACEBOOK, Twitter or any site (e.g., Milliyet. com).

Remember: This sapphire media Premium-5 package differs from the others so that visitors have 5 sub-pages on your site; Visitors from many systems that send visitors emerge from your site within a few seconds. 

Here are some tips for moving your site to the top:

1-The SEO structure of your site needs to be good. We recommend that you make the necessary corrections by doing SEO analysis.

2. The content of your site must be original you earn points on that site with copy and paste from other sites but you will lose points.

3. Mention your site on other sites and forums please give a link if possible. Especially to sites in the category of your site.

4. You need to provide traffic to your site with organic searches, and this traffic continues at regular intervals, providing a much greater impact. (This service is doing it)

5. The age of your site is important, the older you are.

6. User-friendly page layout and site content page count is also important.

7. Shares in social sharing sites contribute.. 

There are more factors, but that's the main thing.



Information requested from you when you place an order:

- Site Address URL

- Search Engine You Want to Get Hit (GOOGLE, YANDEX, BING, AOL, FACEBOOK etc.)

- Countries You Want To Get Hits (Maximum 2 Countries)

- The Device You Want To Get Hit (PC, Mobile, Mixed)

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